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About EcoQuip NZ Ltd

Ecoquip NZ Ltd has been importing electric bikes since 2012 experiencing the style and performance of various different models. Having studied the market and seeing what there is to offer, EcoQuip NZ Ltd has positioned itself in the market with affordable good quality, good looking bikes.


Design based on bikes that look conventional but are electric, is one of EcoQuip’s strong points. With our euro brand, we’ve developed higher end powerful models and also the lower end affordable folding model, to cater for younger student riders. EcoQuip’s objective is to make it more affordable for people to get on E bikes. Being direct importers selling direct to end users we are able to offer most of our models under the $2000 mark. This is the sector of the market we focus on.


For riders that prefer to keep their trusted conventional bike, Ecoquip also offers a full range of E bike kits. For just under $1000, buyers can buy the kit suited to their needs and mount it themselves. For those not so comfortable on the tools, Ecoquip can offer step by step instructions to help them through the assembly process.


EcoQuip NZ Ltd guarantees customer satisfaction with a nationwide freight free service plus 12 month warranty on all bikes sold. We are presently working at setting up servicing agents in most towns in New Zealand. All these details will soon be listed in the terms and conditions of this site.


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