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About EcoQuip NZ Ltd

Ecoquip NZ Ltd has been importing electric bikes for several years now experiencing the style and performance of various different models. Having studied the market and seeing what there is to offer, EcoQuip NZ Ltd has positioned itself in the market with affordable good quality, good looking bikes.

Riding an electric bike is simply serene, gliding through the countryside, listening to nature express itself without any engine noise to distract. Commuting to work or school is carried out with ease, no sweat, no exhaustion on arrival. Onlookers will wonder what’s actually propelling you along.

Design based on good looking bikes is one of EcoQuip’s strong points. With our new euro brand, we’ve developed a high end powerful model and also a low end affordable model to cater to younger student riders. We also have both men and ladies beach cruiser bikes, down to small quirky kid’s bikes, encapsulating the tastes of all ages.

EcoQuip NZ Ltd guarantees customer satisfaction with a nationwide freight free service plus 12 month warranty on all bikes sold. Repairs and servicing have also been accounted for by providing a substitute electric bike to avoid any inconvenience over the service period should you require it. All details set out in the terms and conditions of this site.

Reduce the carbon footprint now, and prove the exhilarating experience of electric biking. Select whichever mode you like, just twist the throttle or switch to pedal assist and move away with ease.

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