Euro Challenger 26 Inch Men’s – White

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The Euro Challenger is very popular 26 inch Mountain bike with high quality Samsung battery mounted inside frame. Battery can be easily removed by turning ignition key and tilting out sideways. This bike is especially designed for the rider who enjoys more the back country rail trails and more adventurous riding. Being a robust Mountain Bike with wider cushy tyres, the Challenger rises to this type of terrain well. Powered by geared 300 watt motor, 10 AH lithium Samsung battery, with 30km road speed. Bike computer has 5 pedal assist modes with choice of twist throttle override. First gear pedal assist is about 13km speed then moves up in 3-4km increments right up to 30km speed. Rider can select mechanical gears to synchronize with pedal assist mode to find his optimum exercise requirements. Disc brakes both front and rear with front suspension to cushion your ride. Also has water proof connectors fitted on cable to motor and cable to LCD. This makes it very easy should you have a puncture of damaged LCD. You simply unplug and remove back wheel the same as you would a conventional bike to carry out puncture repair. Challenger also have front LED light and back light that both work off the bike battery. This bike is presently being used extensively in Europe and has credibility for its reliability.


MOTOR: 300 Watt
FRAME: Alloy
RIMS: Alloy
WHEEL SIZE: 26 inch
DISPLAY: Speed, range and battery levels
CONTROLS: Twist throttle and pedal assist mode 5 levels
CHARGING TIME: 5-6 hours
RANGE: 25-40km dependent on rider weight rider input and terrain
SPEED: 0-30km
BIKE WEIGHT: 22.75 kg

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